The Wattle Tree House New Moon Ceremony

A “new moon ceremony” may sound a little weird to some people, but it is actually a lot of fun. The Wattle Tree Place, a community house in downtown Vancouver, does a new moon/full moon ceremony every 2 weeks that includes a drum circle and fire dancing. If neither if these sparks your attention, the atmosphere and feeling of the place is amazing. Everyone there are so kind and accepting.

Being a band nerd, my favorite part of the night was the drum circle. I was a little nervous to ask about playing with them, but they were really nice and let me use their equipment. Towards the end of the time I was there I got really into it and started jamming. All and all, it was an amazing night full of amazing experiences. I totally recommend anyone who is in the Portland, Vancouver area to go there and see what they are all about. They also sell coffee and other drinks.

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