ContextMafioso (Joe)



Joe Ryder

Joe Ryder (aka ContextMafioso) is a multimedia artist and content producer. He has been creating online content over the span of 20 years, since the internet was drooling on its GIF chew toys. After attending the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics in Vancouver, WA, he studied multimedia for 4 years at the Art Institute of Portland before moving on to American InterContinental University to get a Bachelor’s in Business and Project Management. He now works in technical roles at major corporations, but will always fall into the potholes of the mainstream and find his way back to creative pursuits.

Unlike his previous independent blogging and design projects that related to his small business freelancing, ContextMafia is a project geared more towards the challenge of creativity within the context of the individualized human mind. It explores points of view and perspective, and challenges “facts”. The goal is to send floating lanterns of thought-provoking content into the world to see where they land and what ripples they create.

The concept of “mafia” is less about criminal acts and more about the strong-arming of context by others. If you try to disprove or change the perspective on an event or fact, humans get upset and try to force you to put things in their context. In even trying to explore the topic of context, Joe is essentially trying to bring you into the family. Just know that this family doesn’t claim territory or call hits on rivals. It assimilates and accepts in its attempt to gain ground.

Joe also writes for other blog projects with is wife and helps his four children learn the importance of staying creative. God has his back, and he gets involved in his community with a hand-up at the ready (when he has time). He has been a resident of Vancouver, WA, his entire life.

He is available for questions, discussion, or collaboration. Just contact him.