SF Scale

I sit on the pavement of the hill behind Fort Point, staring into the red cables and Pilar’s of the Golden Gate Bridge, a marvel of man’s control of his environment. In the mist of early eve, it just seems like a moving backdrop, painted by exceptional prop painters to entertain the masses on the…

Veggie omelettes make me consider the definition of vegetarian

I am not vegan or vegetarian. I envy those who have the discipline. But, eating a veggie omelette this morning made me think critically about what vegetarians claim as their definition, as eggs don’t seem to me like a vegetarian food. Consider the suggestion of making a “veggie” or vegetable omelette. Seems pretty straightforward: eggs,…

Wall Mural by LEANS

Mural by LEANS, artist in Brisbane, Australia. Source: supersonicart (tumblr) Social Context:

Tumblr top 10 graffiti posts in Feb 2018

Untitled (Bear) Posted by: snappingthewalls Graffiti wall in Melbourne, Australia Posted by: Czbaw Ned Strutting Through Vancouver, BC Posted by: humanslikeme Hip Hip is fer the childhrun Posted by: Jez11 Graffiti Warz Posted by: tlsesouslesbombes APFamily Posted by: tlsesouslesbombes Wall art on back of Second City Posted by: chrislozak Mural by Neequaye Dreph Dsane (London)…


“Faded1”, Joe Ryder – Feb, 2018 – Autodesk Sketchbook on iOS Social Context: