Wall Mural by LEANS

Mural by LEANS, artist in Brisbane, Australia. Source: supersonicart (tumblr) Social Context:

Tumblr top 10 graffiti posts in Feb 2018

Untitled (Bear) Posted by: snappingthewalls Graffiti wall in Melbourne, Australia Posted by: Czbaw Ned Strutting Through Vancouver, BC Posted by: humanslikeme Hip Hip is fer the childhrun Posted by: Jez11 Graffiti Warz Posted by: tlsesouslesbombes APFamily Posted by: tlsesouslesbombes Wall art on back of Second City Posted by: chrislozak Mural by Neequaye Dreph Dsane (London)…


“Faded1”, Joe Ryder – Feb, 2018 – Autodesk Sketchbook on iOS Social Context:

An Apology to My Dirty Dog

I know the feeling of being freshly clean. Your skin tingles as it readjusts from a battery of water droplets hurled at its surface for 5 minutes, each warm enough to activate sensors and send notices around the network. The dingy and sticky you come with is left behind to join its counterparts in the…

That Heat

Read an email and it comes, the burn in your forearms, the tension in your neck, as you purse your lips to slam the comments shut. Just let it out, says that voice in the folds of your brain, and everything will be better; they know you’re right, and you know you’re right, so show…